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Any news on Bella?
Envoyé par JesseVoss 
Any news on Bella?
lundi 28 mai 2018 15:57:12

I saw somewhere that Lisa was hospitalized recently, but I have not had any communication about the Bella kits prior to that, and someone has money for two kits and I need to know if this kit is real or not. Lisa was supposed to have a prototype at DEDS this summer, and when I asked her about it she said it had been damaged on the way to DEDS. So I never saw it in person. Now, person to person contact ceased once I paid for my kits. No updates, nothing. Only what I read on FB or DF. Not a good way to do business. Last I heard we were to get them in September. September ends tomorrow. I wish Lisa the best, and wish no ill will, I just want my kits, better communication and I need to know if I need to request my money back.

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