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The Dixon Five: Five hot takes about the Chiefs’ initial 53-man roster
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The Dixon Five: Five hot takes about the Chiefs’ initial 53-man roster
jeudi 25 octobre 2018 04:20:56
The Kansas City Chiefs announced their initial 53-man roster on Saturday afternoon. Welcome to the first edition of The Dixon Five.1. The season isn’t over yet.Every year , coming up to the final cutdown day, we talk a lot about “the final 53,” but there really is no such thing.Some players cut Saturday might be picked up by other teams, which will have to cut players to make room. Then those players might get picked up by other teams, requiring them to make room... and so on.An NFL roster is much like a work of art.It is never finished.It is only abandoned.2. Ron Parker’s return could mean a lot of things.It could mean the Chiefs believe Dan Sorensen will take more time to come back from his knee injury than first believed.It could mean that they are more concerned about Eric Berry’s health than they have admitted.Or it could mean the exact opposite — that the Chiefs are confident in Sorensen’s return date and Berry’s health and simply want to start the season with an insurance policy in force: Berry and Parker playing side by side.We know that Berry and Parker were effective when playing together. If they get back in their old groove, upon Sorensen’s return, the Chiefs would have a lot of options regarding what to do next.3. Chase Litton’s release is a gamble — but it will probably pay off.I get it: Matt McGloin isn’t a quarterback that will excite anybody’s imagination, but if there’s one thing Andy Reid has been consistent about doing since his arrival in Kansas City, it’s covering his backside at the quarterback position.He’s usually done it, however, with one solid backup and one developmental quarterback on the roster.That’s what makes Litton’s release so surprising.The thing that’s different about this year is that Patrick Mahomes has a ceiling so high that if he starts lighting up defenses right out of the box, he could very well have a large target on his back.Should he be injured, Reid will have two solid options to keep the team moving forward.And it’s likely that Litton will clear waivers and make the practice squad anyway.4. Ukeme Eligwe’s release says less about him than it says about Ben Niemann. Niemann strikes me as one of those guys who was born to play football, and he has incredible passion for the game.He’s going to be like Priest Homes — albeit in a different position.In a few years, people will be saying Cheap Terrance Smith Jersey , “How in the world did this guy not get drafted?”Nice find, Veach.5. And speaking of Brett Veach... let’s get off the man’s back.Yes... the Marcus Peters trade didn’t make much sense to us.(And it probably never will.Here’s an idea: let’s stop arguing about something none of us really know anything about!)Yes... some of the guys the Chiefs brought in to the secondary in the offseason didn’t look good in the preseason.But I really don’t want to hear about the Chiefs making “desperate” moves in the secondary going into the cutdown weekend.Who cares?Personally, in a situation like that, I’d rather have a GM who is desperate rather than complacent.If you’re a GM — no matter how good you are — some of your moves aren’t going to work out.Better to recognize them — and try to fix them — than to worry about whether people think you’re desperate.chiefStats: Five stats that could determine the Chiefs’ game against Jaguars Welcome to the Week 5 edition of chiefStats — the place where I throw a few numbers your direction and you catch them... all the while gaining some key information leading up to the game.Last week, I referenced the Broncos defense no longer being the “No Fly Zone.” The Chiefs put up 304 passing yards along with a passing touchdown against the Broncos, so I suppose the commentary came to fruition.This week, our focus shifts toward the Jaguars, and below, you will find five topics that should bear importance on Sunday.1. Wrecking defensesSo far this season, the Chiefs offense has been wrecking each defense it has faced. So basically, teams go up against the Chiefs with a decently-ranked defense, and then they leave with their tail between their legs.Defensive PPG Before and After Facing ChiefsWeekTeamBeforeAfterWeekTeamBeforeAfterThe Chargers fell to 29th, the Steelers dropped 14 places, the 49ers dropped seven places, and the Broncos fell one place.The question is whether or not the Chiefs defense will be capable of wrecking the Jaguars defense too. So I checked out how the Jaguars fared against top five offenses in 2017.Two games is a small sample size Dee Ford Jersey , so it’s difficult to glean much information from this. However, it is important to note the Jaguars didn’t shut out either of the top five offenses they faced.How about the Chiefs? How have they fared against top-five defenses?Whoa, that’s a bit of a different story.The Chiefs faced the Patriots, Eagles, and Chargers in 2017 and averaged nearly 31 points per game. Of course, it’s important to note two of these games (Patriots/Eagles) took place during the Chiefs red-hot start to 2017.Regardless, Andy Reid has proven he can scheme up a good offensive game plan against very good defenses. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but I think the Chiefs offense should be able to score 24 to 30 points.2. Without FournetteAs you may have heard, Leonard Fournette will not play against the Chiefs due to a hamstring injury. So the next obvious question that follows is — how have the Jaguars done without Fournette?Holy crap, I didn’t see that coming!Looking over the five games where Fournette was unable to play, the Jaguars offense actually fared better than normal.From 2017 to present, the Jaguars have averaged 369 offensive yards per game, 25.3 points per game, and Blake Bortles’ passer rating is 86.7.So long story short, the Chiefs aren’t getting an advantage with Fournette being out of the game.3. Good Blake Cheap Xavier Williams Jersey , bad BlakeOne week Bortles will hit you with a 128.2 rating, and the next week he’ll lay a turd of a 52.1 rating.Chiefs fans had better hope bad Blake shows up in Kansas City. Of course, since the game is a road game for Jacksonville, it might be a good idea to check Bortles’ home vs. road splits.During this same stretch, Bortles is 8-3 in home games and 5-4 in road games.So if we’re looking for bad Bortles to show up, he’s much more likely to do it on the road. That’s good news for Chiefs fans.4. Third downA lot has been mentioned about the Chiefs defense leading the NFL in third-down conversion percentage. But how about the Jaguars’ third-down defense?I’ve added the Chiefs third-down offense to compare and contrast the two units.This was pulled from Bill Connelly’s advanced stats guide. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it.I apologize if it’s difficult to read, but the Jaguars’ third down numbers say a couple of things:The Jaguars don’t get into third-and-short often.When they are in third-and-short, they are the second best team at stopping their opponents.The Jaguars defense has been middle of the road in terms of third-and-medium success rate. This could mean the Jaguars LBs are susceptible to short/medium routes.Given these numbers, I’ll be rooting for the Chiefs to have a third-and-4-to-6 yards to go on offense. Third-and-medium is one of the few areas where the Jaguars have not been immensely successful on defense.5. Turnover differentialThis one will be a quick-hitter:To me, it’s amazing the Jaguars are 3-1 while also being tied for the worst turnover differential in the NFL. I think the Jaguars’ record is a testament to just how good their defense has been.It’s also crazy to note, even though the Jaguars secondary is elite, they are yet to get an interception in 2018. I am hoping that trend continues and Mahomes is still sitting at zero interceptions heading into Week 6.That ends this week’s edition of chiefStats. What are your keys stats/topics to the game?
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