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Struggling To Find Your Best Pocket Knife? Here Are Some Tips
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Struggling To Find Your Best Pocket Knife? Here Are Some Tips
vendredi 10 janvier 2020 06:41:47
You are looking for a pocket knife for one simple reason: to have it on hand when you need to perform any tasks. High quality pocket knives can help you get your jobs done quicker and easier. However, picking out a good pocket knife among thousands of options can be a tedious job. People just do not know what to start with; they search for best pocket knives on Google and randomly pick one with affordable price. Not so long after that, they buy a second one.

As the pocket knife is something that will go with you for years, we bet you do not want to spend time and money for the one that does not fit you. So, we listed down some key features to help you identify your needs and requirements previous to making a purchase decision.

1. How will you use your knife?

Before typing “Best pocket knives in the world” on Google, you first need to identify what purposes you are using your knife for and how often you will use it. You gonna use your knife for daily tasks, or you will use it for your camping trips on weekends, or you need it for your job as you are a mechanic.

Then, will your knife usually be exposed to the environment with high humidity or saltwater? You need to pay attention to the environment in which you will use your knife. If you are living in a cold climate region, you may need a knife with a large rough handle so that you can grasp it tightly with your gloved hand.

2. How will you carry it?

Think about your carrying capacity. A construction worker may have very different carrying capacity compared to an office worker or a driver.

How would you like the knife to ride in your pocket: loose or clipped? All of the best folding knife comes with a pocket clip so that the knife will remain vertical in your pocket for quick access. If you prefer a classic knife, high chance that it does not feature a pocket clip so the knife may ride in a horizontal position against your thigh.

3. What style of knife do you like?

When you have got the answer for the two questions above, it is time to look at the designs: do you prefer a tactical or classic model?

Most of the tactical knives go with pocket clip and can be opened with one hand. Some of them are multifunctional that they can simultaneously serve as scissors and tweezers.

Some best rated pocket knives in tactical appearance are Spyderco Paramilitary2, Columbia River Knife, Gerber 06 Combat Fine Edge,…

Classic knives typically have no pocket clip and need to be open by two hands. Classic knives’ handles are often made from wood or bone. While they are not convenient compared to tactical ones, they have good appearance and will never be outdated.

Some top rated pocket knives in classic appearance are Buck Knives Lancer, Opinel No. 8, Fallkniven U2, Boker Wine Knife, Higo no Kami,…

4. Several features to consider

To pick out the best pocket knife that fits your specific needs, here are some essential features you need to consider:

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Opening system

As mentioned above, tactical models are often one-hand opening knives while classic models are typically two-hand opening knives.

Closing system

A locking knife has blade fixed when it is opened. Having the blade fixed is a critical issue to ensure safety when using a knife, so we usually recommend our customers with a locking knife. However, in some countries, it is illegal to carry locking knife in public places so check your region’s laws first.

Size of the blade

Typically, small blades are often under 3 inches. They are small, light and can be used to perform daily tasks.

Medium blades are between 3 and 4 inches. These medium blades can handle both detailed cuts and heavier jobs, making this the ideal size.

Large blades are over 4 inches. Large blades are usually used for heavy work and are not ideal for carrying.

Some regions also set limitation to the size of the blade, so again, check your region’s laws first.

Material and shape of a knife handle

Classic knives’ handles are usually made from wood or bone while tactical knives' handles are made from metal, plastic, rubber or composite material. The material of the handle will decide whether a knife can float in water, so if you need one that can float, consider Opinel No. 8.

The shape of the handle should be considered based on your hands’ conditions. If you have sweaty hands, you should choose a knife with a larger handle to improve gripping. Otherwise, a slim handle often looks nicer.

Your budget

In fact, one does not need to spend hundreds of dollars to possess the best quality pocket knives. In each price range, there will always be great pocket knives for you to choose:

Economical range – Under $30

Although most of the knives in this range are made from cheap materials and pay less attention to details, there are still good quality ones such as CRKT Drifter, Sanrenmu 710,…

Mid-range – from $30 to $100

Low-mid ($30 - $60)

This is the ideal range for most of the people. Knives in this range are made of better materials and deliver better performance while still in a budget.

High-mid ($60 – $100)

Here you will see an improvement in both design and functionality. People usually choose a knife from high-mid when they are familiar with using a pocket knife.

Some best pocket knives in this range are Ontario Rat II, Buck Knives 110 Hunter, Sog Twitch Ii, Case Trapper, Kizer Mini Sheepdog, Spyderco Tenacious,…

Premium – Over $100

There is nothing to complain about knives in this premium segment. They are made from quality materials and deliver excellent performance.

Some top folding knives in this range are Boker Mother of Pearl, DPx Gear Hest, SOG Arcitech, Victorinox Work Champ XL, Zero Tolerance 0850,…

A pocket knife can serve multiple purposes and has become a must-have item these days. It is with you for simple daily tasks like opening a box or plastic packaging. It comes along on your camping trips to cut the rope and vegetables. Regardless of what purpose you are using it for, your purchase decision process matters. It is our pleasure to be a part of that process.

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