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mardi 10 novembre 2020 05:01:44
Full size platform bed with storage


Platform beds have gained in popularity since their introduction to the bedroom scene a few years back. Their simple bed frame and unique stature appeal to both the modern and traditional bedroom setup. As the adoption of platform beds becomes more widespread in the world, the more diverse their functionality becomes, and the more complicated their designs become. One common feature that appears to be gaining popularity in platform beds is storage capacity. In this article, we will discuss the various ways in which platform beds avail storage to their owners while still offering the comfort and luxury that comes with them.

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1. Drawer modeled platform beds

Platform beds are modeled around a chest of drawers, which act as the bed’s base, and a mattress lays upon them. This storage solution for a vast king-size or queen size bed is useful since it saves the owner money spent buying a separate chest of drawers for the same purpose. The drawers are modeled to look like any ordinary chest of drawers and then vanished in a colorless coat to maintain their wooden look. They can also be fashioned and designed to blend in with a traditional bed design with the handles and edges cut into the wood directly instead of having handles for the same.

2. Raised platform bed on storage staircase

Platform beds typically rest on a flat surface that is the frame. Building on this simple design, the bed base is placed on a raised area with a few stair steps leading up to the bed. Besides the steps, a small storage unit is built into the wall and stretches along the width of the bed, eating up space beneath the bed. A storage staircase is especially useful if one lives in a studio apartment or has a high affinity for things out of the ordinary. When the mattress used is smaller than the frame, there is space left on the side. This space is used to keep your night reads spectacles, night lamps, or anything one uses right before bed.

3. Platform bed with one large drawer to the side

Platform beds borrow from the traditional queen or king-size with storage on the bed’s side. When the mattress is raised off of the ground, the frame has an extra space below it. A design could be made so that the full length of the bed has one big drawer that goes all the way to the end of the bed. This drawer could be partitioned into two or more spaces for storing clothes or even unused items. The one large drawer is also useful in storing bedding such as duvets, which aren’t required that often. This storage space can act as an item of aesthetics when it is removed. How cool is it to have a hollow bed?

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4. Shelves on the platform bed

Platform beds have storage capabilities in both the head and footboards. If a client is willing to experiment with new designs, shelves are being fitted into the ends of the beds in the head and footboards. The headboard is made to be thick, and shelves are cut into the wood. These mini shelves are used to store bedside items. They can also be used to store potted plastic plants and glass vases. The footboard could also be raised and made into small shelves for the same storage purposes as the headboard. Similarly, these small storage locations can be used as aesthetic enhancers in the bedroom.

5. Drawers on the footboard

In a platform bed, the footboard can be built to be big, and this vastness can be capitalized on by building it into a drawer chest. The drawer could be made to open outside, away from the bed, or open to the side of the bed. The inside of the drawer chest could be hollow or have several shelves. These drawers are not commonly used for storing clothes but can double as shoe storages. They can also be used to store throw pillows within the bedroom. Having these footboard drawers is a good investment in terms of space, too, since the drawer top can be used to keep other items.

6. Foldable mattress with storage under

Some platform beds come equipped with a foldable mattress frame, which folds to reveal storage space. These have hollow structures with lots of real estate underneath. The storage offering is well hidden and can be used to store things one holds dear or a “body,”; not. However, this storage solution is necessary when a client requires extra space but doesn’t want it to be too apparent to every eye. Also, this offering of space allows for a preference selection since a foldable mattress could mean it is a sofa bed, too, providing more functionality to the owner.

7. Full-size trundle platform bed with lengthwise cupboard

A platform bed is customized according to the shape of the room; it is to be placed. One such idea is to have a bed with wheels (trundle bed) with one length fixed on the wall. The free side of the bed is built with a wall-length cupboard with shelves and partitions on both sides. While this storage solution provides more space to store your stuff, it can act as a semi partition for the room in which there are two or more beds to be placed in the same room.

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In conclusion, platform beds with full storage are not uncommon in the modern bedroom today. Storage is more than just space, but it is a stamen geared towards having a more elegant and neat experience with platform beds. Platform beds with storage options help one to save on money spent getting dressers or separate cupboards. As such, they help one reduce the clutter that is so often associated with rooms too small for the items in them. It is advisable to consider choosing a platform bed that provides extra storage to the bedroom since they occupy lots of space in the room.

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